40 Micron EVOH Barrier Film for Medical Ostomy Bag

Customized11 Layer Coextrusions with the ability to custom design and manufacture packaging films, we can provide precisely the right solution for your needs. Whether you're looking for unique barrier properties, transmission rates, excellent sealing, impact resistance, or other performance criteria, we can catch up with your needs.

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In most cases, a complex combination of barriers needs to be tailored to our customer’s specific needs. When shelf life and visual appearance are combined to full advantage, they create a decisive competitive edge at the point of sale.

Our EVOH Barrier Thermoforming Film range contains high-performance films with multiple layers for the food & beverage, home & personal care, healthy care and other medical packaging markets. We tailor them to our customers' requirements, to ensure they provide an excellent barrier against oxygen, UV light, water vapour, odours and mineral oils, while protecting the aroma and freshness of the packaged produce.

Flexible EVOH High Barrier thermoforming films ideal to make ostomy bag

  • Clear glass color and softness
  • High puncture resistance
  • Strong sealing with other medical aparts
  • Suitable for ETO, Gamma & steam sterilization
  • Provide high output on thermoforming machines
  • Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier

Product Specifications


40 -  180 microns

Roll Length

Up to your requirement

Roll Width

100 - 2600 mm

EVOH Ostomy Bag FilmOxygen Barrier Ostomy Bag FilmPE/EVOH/PE Ostomy Bag Film


Oggetto : 40 Micron EVOH Barrier Film for Medical Ostomy Bag

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